Thursday, May 16, 2013

A travelers enlightened perspective

We are spiritual beings time traveling through space, experiencing and perceiving life with a limited physical place.

The world is big and the world is old; our time is now and our reality is smeared by our perceptional belief of each experience.

Nothing is good, nothing is bad - its only our interpretation.

Traveling opens your minds eye to the bigger picture. The more you travel the more you find that people are basically the same all over with the same needs, desires and fears for and of survival.

Every new experience on the road grows us intellectually and spiritually as we live the experience in the now, calibrated to the natural flow of life in a meaningless, expanding and inevitably dying universe.

Nature happens in the now, but mankind dwells in the past while predetermining his future fate. Go with the flow, evolving every day without inhibitions; for mankind's potential in an abundant universe is unlimited and bound only by his self projection of who he thinks he is and what he thinks he can do.

Traveling allows you to decipher media propaganda from actual fact. You have no enemies, people are just people; living their lives subjected to the same hateful media. A media created by scheming politicians, rich old men and religious zealots who define us and divide us for their own greater good. We're all the same, for we're all members of the same tribe.

Wealth flows out of inspiration into a form of creation. Some have too much and some have too little, but they are both imprisoned by the same jailer. For both Greed and poverty are mindsets of people fighting against the grain of time.

To be truly alive in this day and age is to truly appreciate the wonders of technology which allows us to explore the planet while uniting the global family.

We need to appreciate our accomplishments while being care takers of the future.

This is your life, this is your world, this is your time; live it, see it, feel it, do it, experience it for yourself before the all the uniqueness is gone - whitewashed over by a corporate machine designed to standardize the consumer while hiding behind the mask of democracy and capitalism.

Every new trip will grow you in ways you can't begin to fathom. Like the universe itself, we are products of evolution, time and space and need to focus on constantly expanding and revolutionizing or we'll perish and wither away.

The friends you make, and the memories you take will live with you in the character of your soul.

We are cocoons of energy and possibility awaiting to be set free, for energy is like a butterfly, it will always return to the source.

On the final day of your life, what will you be remembered for, who do you want to be and what do you want leave behind ?

True wealth can only be measured by your personal growth, contribution and legacy. For not even King Tut could bring his physical treasures with him into the spiritual world, leaving behind his physical wealth to be raided and ransacked for all of time.